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Absolutely Nuts!


Shadowfax on my first S24O bikepacking trip. It is stunning to have a beast so willing and able to carry me nearly anywhere I want to go.

I do not pretend to understand. I just keep trying things with this bike. Things that make no sense. Why? To learn what works and what doesn’t.

Thirty minutes ago I did a stupid thing. I tried to walk a balance beam I put together for our lassies in the back yard. It’s an old, twisty log, inherently unstable. Perfect for them to challenge themselves. Way out of my vertigo-challenged league. Idiot. I did it anyway. Short-circuited myself. Idiot.

So, what do I do? I can barely walk to the garage, but what the heck? Why not see if I can ride the bike? I can. Did nearly a mile. Not a normal thing I’ll do, as any type of thinking due to oddities like a car passing would have been challenging. I rode slow but stable. I couldn’t have walked a 10th that distance.

Amazing. The stability of a solid, well-built bicycle. Couldn’t have done it on the previous test bikes (I tried one. Not a chance). Amazing.

Deacon Patrick’s Round the World Progress

Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress