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Increadable All Grass Fed Colorado Beef!


Lasater Grasslands Beef: great people to work with, and ranchers of incredible all grass fed Colorado beef without all the junk used in most beef ranching.

I was looking around for a good local producer of grass fed beef (and disappointed that one common supplier, Ranch Foods Direct, grain finishes their beef because “there is no other way.” Hogwash.) When I called Jill at Lasater beef in eastern Colorado she was truly fantastic to work with, providing a great customer experience.

This post is my way of thanking them for their generous donation of the raw supplies for making the pemmican I will carry overnight for my running of the Colorado Trail. We’ve gotten their beef off and on for a while now, and after this experience, they have our family as loyal customers.

Plus, what a great way to eat paleo, ketogenic, or simply enjoy a steak now and then that has more and better flavor than you’ve likely ever had. Amazing.

Thank you, Lasater Grassland Beef, for your generous donation and helping fuel my body and my brain through healing and along the Colorado Trail.

May God startle you with joy!

MacJournal is best solution for a Blogging Mac App


This website is run on WordPress, which has a fairly overwhelming and involved web interface from which you can post. To post to it requires a lot of brain energy on my part to simply navigate it. That is why I use a Mac app that allows me to write from my computer and then publish it to the site.

The one I’d been using stopped working under Lion. I searched around and discovered MacJournal. Clean. Simple. Intuitive. Very Applesque. It is a joy to use and very easy on my brain.

When I wrote them asking if they give a discount for non-profits, their president wrote back donating the software. Thank you Michael and Mariner!

What it means to be a sponsor of Shoot the Moon for Brain Injury

To be a sponsor of Shoot the Moon for Brain Injury means the good or service (or combination) provided is both something I’ve personally used long enough to be confident in recommending both it and the people behind it.

I only contact those companies who meet this stringent qualification to ask them to consider sponsorship.

Ray the Rolfer™

People who genuinely want the best for you more than they want you as a client are rare. Ray the Rolfer™ is such a man of integrity and honor and bar none the best hands to ever help my body work properly. I’ve tried many practitioners of many body manipulation arts, from rolfing, to chiropractic, to massage, and others you may never hear of — Ray is not just incredible at what he does, he’s the best quality of people.

What exactly is Rolfing? The Rolfing Institute® describes it as “structural integration.” I’m sure that means something to them. What it means to you and me is they work DEEP, on muscle, fascia (that Saran Wrap™ like film you see on a steak — well it wraps all through your body), and sometimes I’m convinced Ray is somehow inside my joints and putting my marrow to rights. It feels incredible!

Not the kind of incredible that you forget as you walk out the office door, or even come the next morning. The kind of incredible that has you feeling and moving better for weeks. Like anything that puts your body to rights after the various wrongs we’ve managed to do to them, Rolfing can take time to feel good. When it does, you’l know just how good the pain of change can become.

How in the world does such a beast help with brain injury? My brain has limited energy every day. When it runs out, that’s it. No more doing anything that day. In my case, I was spending a lot of my day’s brain energy on bodily motion. With my body working properly, it works more efficiently and uses less of my very limited brain energy, helping me do more with less and last longer through the day.

Thank you, Ray, for your support of Shoot the Moon!

Ray Welling
Certified Rolfer
917 W.Colorado Ave. #B
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
email Ray the Rolfer™

Mountain Chalet – Outdoor Expertise Extrordinaire

The internet has made it easy to shop around for the best price for your outdoor needs, but it can take a lot of trial and error to find a store online or locally that offers excellent customer service. Mountain Chalet, located at the base of Pikes Peak, offers excellent value and the best in customer service.

I’ve personally been shopping there since 1989, when I met my future wife in college and we based some of our adventures out of Colorado Springs. Yipes! I just realized that was over 20 years ago.

Whatever your outdoor needs, the grand folks at Mountain Chalet will see you treated right. They always have me — and I’m a bit of an ogre when it comes to my poor gear.

Thank you to the good folks at Mountain Chalet for your support!

Mountain Chalet

226 N. Tejon
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Teaming up with GeoDistance.com!

A huge and hearty thank you to Mark for his enthusiasm in Shoot the Moon for Brain Injury. Mark designed and runs (pun intended) GeoDistance.com and is working with us to create the tools necessary to track milage and progress both individually and for a team (Team Shoot the Moon for Brain Injury). Thank you, Mark!

I really like GeoDistance because it is simple and intuitive to use, it allows me to mark and save routes, shows me elevations, milage and more, but it doesn’t have all the visual clutter of other tools that makes it really challenging for me to figure out what is needed and what isn’t. The most elegant designs are often the simplest.

Deacon Patrick’s Round the World Progress

Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress