Press Pack for Running the Colorado Trail for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The press release here:

Because Deacon Patrick’s brain injury makes interviews a challenge for him, we provide here stock footage of him explaining brain injury, Mind Your Head Co-op, his specific brain injury and how it effects him, how running helps him, and the goal of running the Colorado Trail. This footage is provided in unedited form to allow you to edit as you choose.

Video interview:

This footage is of Deacon Patrick running the trails on Pikes Peak where he lives. It is provided as “B” roll to add visual interest to the interview above.

Here are photographs of Deacon Patrick running trails on the north slope of Pikes Peak, for use in print and on blogs:

Further resources:

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Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Brain Injury Association of America


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20 K for 20 Days: Press Kit

Press Release PDF:

Video Resources:

Interview with Deacon Patrick Jones:

Deacon Patrick Jones trail running:

Deacon Patrick Jones runs the trails on the north slope of Pikes Peak, above Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Click on images and + magnifier to get full size.

Janet White (Photographer) reflects on her experience of our photo shoot.

Deacon Patrick’s Round the World Progress

Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress