Why Do This?

Why Should I Create a Plan to Enter Life As Fully as Possible?

Sometimes life seems like you’re the horse and brain injury is the cart.

Mind Your Head’s approach is different from what “standard medical wisdom” we often hear. Here are two examples:

False Info #1: Limited Window of Recovery
Many of us with brain injury have had doctors tell us things like:
“If you haven’t’ recovered it by (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, some other random time), you won’t recover it.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Our brains are amazingly elastic and recovery happens all the time, as long as we are breathing, and especially the more we enter life as fully as possible.

My most recent concussion was in 2002, and I continue to experience all kinds of improvements. In some ways, the pace of my improvement has quickened as I learn more about what works for me.

False Info #2: Improvement only (or best) comes from focusing on what you have difficulty with.
Again, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Cognitive therapy is often structured to focus on our lack of capacity. It creates psudo-life situations and tries to help us overcome the things we can’t do. THis can be helpful in the acute recover phase, but when it comes to long term brain injury recovery, my experience is that such an approach not only removes us from life and time with loved ones, it also robs us of precious brain energy we could be using to positively create something.

The reality is that by focusing on things we are passionate about creating and finding ways to do them despite our limitations, we end up expanding our capacity over time.

I may not ever regain even a fraction of my short-term memory or ability to filter out sensory stimulation. So what? I’ve regained some of it, and along the way accomplished all kinds of things I never could have if I only focused on what I can’t do.

Success begets success. By co-creating with God, we connect with our God-given worth and that helps us heal all the more.

My family trusts me as the expert about my needs

Most importantly it was you, Patrick who set me on the way to discovering these issues… essentially the controllable aspects for me.

I followed your suggestions for educating my family, and you communicated directly with my husband early on, and since then I have simply been TRUSTED as the person with the most accurate information about my needs. And my family no longer feels hurt by my reactions, especially my withdrawal to recover.

It has been now over 3 years since I first started implementing your advice,

Patrick, and I must thank you again for helping me carve out some pieces of

happiness here and there. Keep up the good work! You are changing lives

every day here!


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Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress