The Wondrous Gifts of Christ’s Mass!


Our youngest, age two, galavants toward the town gazebo in dawn’s purple light. Having a walking gate again makes it possible for me to go on walks with her and the rest of the family for the first time in nine years. Alleluia!

So many wondrous gifts have been happening lately that I’m trying to catch up to them. They all fit within the category of my brain has learned how to stop trying to control the world and protect itself (which it was inept at but daftly valiant in attempting anyway) — but I’ve been unwrapping them this Advent and thought the best way to share them was a photo essay.

A deep, hearty merry Christmas Tide to you and yours! May Christ born anew startle you with joy!


Now that my brain trusts my body to know where I am in space, things like walking slow and erratically with a two-year-old while leaning sideways to hold her hand are possible and I return home feeling better than when I left. Having a walking gate again is amazing. I can’t say it enough. Worlds open up when you can walk as an option between running and sitting down.


Running to Holy Rosary in fresh snow to say hello to Holy Mama Mary, who looks amazingly svelte for someone about to give birth. Grin. I’ve had the local school bus driver honk at me to say hello, which would have ended my run in the past, but since my brain isn’t concerned about protecting me from the sudden stimulations of the world, I ran the remaining 7.5 miles of my run. This is delightful!


This morning I ran to North Catamount on Pikes Peak and was greeted by sunrise and aprox. -10˚F plus winds. Stunning beauty, crisp clear stunning air.


Every stitch of clothing I carried was on. Coming out of the deep freeze valley leading up to this mini-plateau, the sun helped warm me up before heading back into the deep freeze again.


My first run with the Kahtoola microspikes. They work stunningly well with my Luna sandals and boiled wool tabi socks and offer far more traction than the YakTrax (which are good for less snow, when the spikes are too much). These are size medium for my size 12 feet minimally shod.

3 Responses to “The Wondrous Gifts of Christ’s Mass!”

  • Ken Barefoot-Ng:

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Aloha from sunny Los Angeles!

  • Aaron:


    May God’s grace and mercy continue to shine upon you and your family!

    Gracia y paz,


  • Kiwiolly:

    Absolutely Beautiful photos Patrick and so wonderful to hear of your expanding abilities which are very impressive. You will be happy to hear that today I too had a magnificent achievement. Short story – I drove an unfamiliar car home on roads I had never driven on from a town 4 hours away with husband following in another vehicle. Since 2002 I haven’t driven for more than an hour and only on local roads. We had lots of stops plus lots of energy drink and MethylB12. But we made it. I now feel “slightly!!” tired but so happy to be home safely.
    Thank you again for your lovely photos and news.
    Seasons greetings from NZ

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Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress