Field Notes For Magnificent Mind Capture

I’ve rediscovered paper. In particular, I’ve discovered Field Notes Brand pocket notebooks. They are thin, flat, and amazingly inviting to simply pour whatever comes to mind into, to be dealt with later.

For several years now, I’ve been exclusively capturing ideas in my iPhone. That works for some things, but not for writing. And as simple as the iPhone is to use, it still tends to get in the way of my thinking and ideas.

I tried various pocket notebooks. The typical Moleskine I have issues with because it is made in China using chemicals I don’t want near my brain. Then I tried Eco System’s small notebook. Bulky, thick, and never flat underneath when open. All that takes brain energy to deal with — brain energy I do not have to spare.

Enter Field Notes. I got one of their mixed packs, containing a plain, grid, and lined notebook. I expected the plain would be what I use, because every other time I’ve tried lined or grid paper the lines are obtrusively in the way. My brain can’t separate my content from the lines. What a wonderful surprise when I got to try Field Notes’ grid. It is a light brown, thin line grid exactly as thick as a line I would normally write on would be. It’s unobtrusive, so my brain doesn’t see it when I’m not using it, but it’s there as a guide when I want it. No more written lines wandering off up or down the page. I am free to focus on writing. Wherever I am.

Now, with the iPad’s voice recognition, I can dictate my notes into whatever app makes sense. Evernote, iA Writer, email — wherever I need my captured content to go, I can type it, speak it, or even photograph it in. The perfect balance of old and new for living life with brain injury.

Thank you to the tremendously detail oriented designers at Field Notes Brand for putting so much consideration into your product. Deceptively simple, they have removed everything unnecessary and kept everything that is. That is far harder than it looks.

For those with brain injury needing a something small and easy to carry, requiring no learning curve, and inexpensive yet powerful at doing whatever you need in a memory notebook, field notes are an excellent choice. If I could have only one thing to keep with me always for idea capture and memory aid, I would choose this little book over my iPhone.

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