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Deacon Patrick moderates two email support groups for brain injury survivors and caregivers. Like this site, this ministry is offered at no cost to you:

TBI Together: world-wide support group specifically for brain injury survivors and caregivers

Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado Email Support Group: If you live in Colorado, this support group offers location specific information as well, and is open to survivors, caregivers and interested professionals who work with brain injury survivors.

To join these groups, simply select the link above and apply to join as a member. I look forward to sharing the journey through the land of the brain bludgeoned with you.

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  • Stephen:

    Is this private or public?

  • Deborah Castelli:

    Hello Deacon Patrick,
    I found you via Evernote and wanted to pass along a bit of information that may help you, or another, with TBI.
    Recent research into memory loss in Alzheiner’s patients has uncovered a severe lack of essential fatty acids reaching the brain. Through trial and error it was found that medium chain fatty acids ( coconut oil etc.) are able to penetrate & reach the brain. Patients have made startling recoveries when given organic cold pressed coconut oil daily.
    As a registered nurse actively involved in research for many years it has occured to me that TBI from repeated head injury may cause a similar if not identical nutritional blockage in the brain. As a gymnast in my youth I received at least 4 concussions, plus a severe traumatic head injury in a motor vehicle accident in 1986. In 2000 I began having marked memory difficulties and had no relief until I found the medium chain fatty acid link. I am just a single case, however I feel obligated to tell anyone with similar problems of my experience. I now can honestly claim that my memory problems are infrequent and not progressing, which had been the case.
    I applaud your advocacy forcTBI research and pray that my email may prove useful!
    Deborah Castelli (Ave Maria parish, Parker, CO)

    • Deacon Patrick:

      Thank you, Deborah and it is a pleasure to “meet” you. Absoultely on the coconut oil, and far better to eat a ketogenic diet such as because the elimination of antinutrients is as important as adding in healthy macro nutrients like healthy (saturated) fat.

  • Mary:

    Could I get on your newletter and comments? I have TBI and would appreciate any info on healing to be the most well I can be. Thanks!

    • Deacon Patrick:

      Dear Mary,

      Absolutely. You have several options. You can subscribe using an RSS feed (there are apps that follow them and notify you when new posts appear on the blogs you follow (perhaps a friend can help set that up for you?). You can simply check back here, or, hopefully in the near future you can subscribe by email and receive posts that way.

      May God startle you with joy!
      Deacon Patrick

  • Cindy Caswell:

    I have had several concussions and have fibromyalgia. I am desperately seeking ways to organize my life. I read about Evernote but even that seems overwhelming. If I could just get basic instruction on the easiest ways for me to create information and then actually access it easily. Thank you

    • Deacon Patrick:

      Dear Cindy,

      Fanstastic! The chaos of life is often referred to as being like herding cats. It’s overwhelming to have 3,000 cats all going different directions and each getting into their own version of trouble. Where do you start? Secret: it doesn’t matter where you start. Grab a cat. Ask it (and yourself) a few questions. If you can deal with it in 5 minutes or less, then handle that cat. If not, store the cat in Evernote, or your calendar, or finance balance sheet, or grocery list, or… wherever it needs to live until you can choose to deal with it (even a bit more). Schedule a reminder to deal with that cat in a task list. Then move on to the next cat.

      These questions to ask yourself and the cat and help you know what to do with them:
      1) Is this something I can do?
      –what tools do I need to do it?
      — how do I do it?
      — Is this the best use of my energy and time?

      2) Things I can’t do
      — delegate?
      — let go?

      Hopefully that helps get you started a bit.

  • kathleen bernik (kat):

    Hi! I have TBI and have been looking at your website. It is awesome and I would like to join but could not find Where to sign up. Thank you!

    • Deacon Patrick:

      I have no idea, other than the RSS link, found at the bottom left of every page (just scroll down to see it). However, I’ll be shifting the site to a new platform sometime in 2016, so be aware change is on the horizon!

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