What you don’t know about the Hippocratic Oath may kill you

Though there are a rare few doctors whom I respect, I now know why the medical profession not longer deserves respect or high esteem. In 1964, the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath was written. It... Read More →

Minimalist Sanctuary Seating

Minimalist set up of three different positions I rotate through throughout the day. We have set up my “Hobbit Hole” to be a sensory sanctuary for me. It is where I write, communicate with the world,... Read More →

Weathering a Hospital Stay

A hospital stay is never recommended, especially for someone with a bludgeoned brain with no ability to filter out sensory input. For me artificial scents and mechanical sounds are like bombs going off... Read More →

We all know how challenging it is to live with brain injury today. Imagine doing so 100,000 years ago in what is now Israel. The pre-teen who died at 12-13 years old had received a traumatic brain injury... Read More →

UPDATE: See update below for some good news! Massive change in regulation as a result of Obamacare hit our nation on January first, 2014. Doctors are afraid, and they should be. So should their patients.... Read More →

Can Ceylon Cinnamon and Other Spices Help Heal the Brain?

Since the onset of my brain injury, I have had cravings for intense flavors. I think I may have finally figured out why. Things like cacao (chocolate), ceylon cinnamon, vanilla beans, coffee, and others... Read More →

Reinforced Hobbit Hole Sanctuary

Here I am in the reading nook, aka a sitting cushion that folds up for when I’m on the computer at the kneeling desk. Living with brain injury includes having a brain that is easily short circuited... Read More →

"Are your eyes covered? I need a drink."

“Are your eyes covered? I need a drink.” This is what my wife asked me last night as I was in bed. It seems absurd. Yet with brain injury it makes perfect sense, and it well illustrates what... Read More →

We are Catholic and embrace life with wild abandon. I don’t mean just that we strive to find the gift and joy in every moment despite the challenges we face from my brain injury and disability, among... Read More →

The medical system to all people claiming brain injury: “Brain Injured? You’re faking it until proven otherwise. Even then, if we see something we don’t understand about you, you’re... Read More →

Deacon Patrick’s Round the World Progress

Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress