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Minimalist Clothing Allows us to spend brain energy where we want!

In the post about radical minimalism, I talk mention the value of finding where our brain “leaks” energy, so we can spend it where we want rather than loosing it to things that are not important to us. One of the most surprising places I learned I was leaking brain energy is clothing. Fixing the leak is very simple.

Me before I learned that I leak brain energy wearing a pack above my waist and that I do much better barefoot or with minimalist shoes.
Clothing Leak #1: Deciding what to wear
Each morning, looking in drawers, staring at the closet, figuring out what to wear. What matches what? What’s the occasion? What will others be wearing? All these questions are perfectly normal for most folks. But for the brain bludgeoned, they take a lot of brain energy. Depending on what’s hard for you, and if clothing isn’t a passion of yours, you may want to spend that limited brain energy differently. Here’s how:

Solution: Radically Simplify your wardrobe.

  • give away clothing you’ve not worn in more than a year
  • focus on what your favorite clothing is. What if you wore that (and others like it) every day? The reality is most people don’t particularly care if we dress the same every day. The UPS person and police officer do it, why not you?

Clothing Leak #2: Changing clothes for a new activity
Going out? With friends? To church? To a restaurant? It’s ingrained in many of us that we need to change when our activity changes. Why? Why not find a single basic outfit that works no matter what you’re doing?

Solution: Travel Clothing for All Occasions
THere are many places that offer travel clothing. It tends to be hearty and able to look good no matter your activity. I wear travel clothing every day and the same outfit is what I run in and what I wear when I serve at Mass. It’s fast drying supplex nylon which is strong, hearty, feels like cotton, and dries very fast. I get dressed in the morning and don’t change a thing till I take it off for bed. Nice and simple and I can live more life in between.

Clothing Leak #3: clothing rubbing on my skin
Of all the things that surprised me about leaking brain energy through my clothing, this one was the biggest surprise. Let me explain how I figured it out.

Ever since my most recent concussion in 2002, I’ve mostly worn a kilt. I’m Scottish, and it’s a bit odd, but a traditional Man’s garment. For a variety of reasons, until I can find someone who can make me a supplex kilt, I need to wear something less hot that dries faster, otherwise it simply doesn’t work for me when running in heat or wet.

I tried adventure pants (I highly recommend Rail Riders if pants work for you). But I couldn’t figure out why it was harder for me to run long distances.

It wasn’t until I threw all caution to the wind (a common thing for me, a likely contributor to my brain bludgeoned state, aye?) and donned one of my wife’s adventure skirts, ran in it, then changed into pants, that I discovered just how much brain energy was leaking out because my pants were always rubbing everywhere on my legs. I now wear Macabi adventure skirts (call it a sarong if it makes you feel better — the reality is men have worn skirts just as long as women, just not in recent memory in Western culture).

Even compared with my will kilts (which brush the back of my leg), a long flowing skirt contacts my legs far less, and when I change into pants, it’s like wading through a bog in comparison.

These marvels get completely soaked in a rain (though they shrug off light rain no problem), but when it stops, they are dry in 20 minutes — five if I’m running in the dry Colorado air. Combined with a same colored top (I use a t-shirt or a cowl/cape — yet to be made — as it looks like a robe).

For cooler and cold weather, I simply put on fleece pants under (fitting, stretchy fabric doesn’t rub the skin much at all — seems it needs to be loose and flowing and snug and stretchy), and wool or fleece tops.

Wardrobe done. Leaks stopped. More brain energy for what I want to focus on. Sue, I look odd to some. So what? This is what works for me.

What have you found that works for you in stopping the brain leaks from your clothing? Use the comments section to share your experience with others.

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