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Look Ma, No Glasses! Two Weeks In…

Holy Rosary Chapel, Cascade, CO. A great 8 mile trail and road run combination. and beautiful to see coming up the steps.

I’m two weeks into my adventure and next leap of healing: taking off my glasses and retraining my eyes to see without correction.

Dr. WIlliam Bates started this in the early 1900’s with “Better Eyesight WIthout Glasses.”

Though I’ve used multiple resources, this one is the one I keep coming back to as it is complete and has the best of all the rest: “Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!”

Some basic observations so far:

  • I see a lot more, though the world is blurry
  • It’s less about the exercises and more about living a new way of using my eyes
  • I’m far less light sensitive than with glasses
  • Sunlight makes clear sight far easier
  • I’ve been having “flashes” of clear vision for about a week, starting very infrequently and lasting only a second or so and now up to 5-10 seconds.
  • Realizing my eye actually feels like I’m stretching muscles that have been wrongly constricted since I got glasses in elementary school. Stretch and relax.
  • I have lost layers of brain bombardment and muscle tencison in my head, neck and shoulders.
  • My vision is slowly improving. I can work at the computer now without leaning over to see the screen, all without correction.
  • I still have a long way to go, but life is MUCH better without glasses!

Symphony of Sunrise!

My world remains blurry. According to the books I’m using, I can expect up to 3 weeks of “minimal” or no noticeable changes in my vision, and then I’ll experience sudden bursts of clear vision, fleeting at first, increasing in frequency and length until that becomes the new normal.

I am discovering just how much more to vision there is besides non-blurry.

On this mornings run, I left at the early light, while the sky was still dark overhead and the first glimmers of dawn appeared in the south-eastern sky. As the dark blue turned to deep purple and glowing purple, I was stunned.

Small Circle of Vision
With glasses, I could see these colors within a small circle of vision, and see more by rotating my head (moving my eyes simply hurt and messed with my vertigo). Form your hands into a circle, hold it before your eyes, and that is the world I could see at any given time.

Symphony of Sunrise
Without glasses, I expereinced the entire sky and earth playing and dancing together in the light. Together. All at once. Integrated vision. Wow. It would be like hearing a symphony but only hearing whichever instrument you were looking at then suddenly hearing the entire symphony together. The sum is far greater than the parts.

I keep feeling like one of my children, gaping in awe at the new wonders of the world.

Shame on Eye Doctors!
Optomitrists and the lot, you are now on my list of professions who have little understanding of the real world, science, or how to actually help people (with the exception of a few). Shame on you. And shame on me for allowing you to lead me so blindly without seeking out alternatives to glasses. The treatments of glasses I accepted from you closed off the world to me in unacceptable ways, likely made my vision worse, and dramatically increased the constant muscle tension in my head, neck, and shoulders and bombardment of overload stimulus upon my bludgeoned brain.

Get Angry?
Yes. For a little while. But then it is time to move on. Like with my feet, freed from the prison of orthotics and shoes, my breathing freed from being too deep and frequent and from resultant sinus issues, and other examples of medical doctors doing harm by their ignorance and narrowness of vision, I will reap the rewards of going against what I’ve taken for granted for years.

Despite my world remaining blurry for the time being, I am seeing much, much more.

May God startle you with joy!

Healing Eyesight, Day 3

Well, Day 2.5, actually, but that’s how I’m going to count it. From both the brain injury groups I moderate and the running group I’m part of, I’ve gotten a lot of questions. I’ll address them here, and keep you appraised of my progress (You may want to follow the RSS feed so you know when I add posts).

No, I’m not kidding. Yes, this is a real thing. Yes, I am seeing (pun intended) real progress. Yes, I have a long way to go. I’ll find out from my eye doctor just what the correction of my glasses is.

What benefits am I seeing?

My vision is slowly becoming clearer. I am near sighted (12 diopters before my brain injury, plus astigmatism), so have to hold things close to see them clearly. In looking at the computer, I am a foot away , whereas I had to be 2 inches away to see clearly four days ago. Things at a distance are slightly less fuzzy than they were 4 days ago.

I see differently than I have since I began wearing glasses in elementary school. It is one integrated visual field. Direct light is no longer debilitating. What sheer joy to run a mountain trail in 10˚F with the sun just peaking over the ridge and kissing my face with warm glow! I no long have to wear a hat constantly to block direct lights.

It’s hard to describe, but even though my world is still quite blurry (If I drove, I would not be able to yet based on vision alone), I see more and better than with glasses. It is amazing.

Tension in my head, neck, shoulders and back is melting away. This is 80% (so far) due to simply removing my glasses. Wearing them added layers of extra stimulation and tension I did not realize were due to my glasses rather than my brain injury alone. As I explained to one of my daughters, this doesn’t heal my brain, but it does improve one of the five senses that feed information into my brain by making it more efficient, and that helps me handle the brain deficits better.

The other 20% of relaxation so far is due to the exercises I am doing. Tension in the eye and around the face, neck, shoulders, and back contribute to our eye become misshaped. Relax these and vision begins to be restored.

Brain Energy:
With fewer layers of brain bombardment overstimulation hitting me constantly, I am able to be more present and relaxed around my children. I’ve been more present at the last 2 Christmas morning celebrations than I have since the end of 2002.

I still see amazingly fuzzy and have a long way to go for clear vision, but I am not going back to wearing glasses. I am able to be more present in the world with my wife and children, and I am still able to run my trails and write, so I have not lost functionality, while gaining a lot.

I recommend searching Amazon for books on “healing eyesight”, then focus on ones that teach the WIlliam H. Bates method. He is the father of this approach to vision.

many of the books have sections that venture into what I consider “quack” territory. Lots of psychobabble and self-affermation tripe. I’m all for strong self esteem, but it should come from the reality that we’re made and God’s image and contain God’s breath in our clay, not from spouting gibberish about how wonderful we are and how clearly we want to see. But that may just be me.

I also recommend the website Imagination Blindness. It as several PDF versions of out of print books worth looking into, as well as support forums and more.

What are the exercises?
There are many options, and which ones you’d want to do are based on what vision issues you have. The books really are the right way to go.

What can be healed?
I’ll leave that question to science to answer. It’s clear to me that nearsightedness can be helped, tremendously, it appears. Beyond that, there are exercises specific to Farsightedness, astigmatism, various eye disease, computer related eyestrain, dyslexia, and more. I have not found anything specific (yet) to blind spots or other visual processing issues that are brain related, and have no idea if these would be helped by these exercises. However, if you are effected by these, it can’t hurt to try them and see what you’re results are.

Going Without Glasses

God’s Christmas gift to me this morning startled me and my entire family (we celebrate Christmas Season, through Epiphany on January 6). If it pans out as it looks to, I will be unwrapping it for weeks and months to come, and enjoying it the rest of my life.

Here’s how it arrived. Over the years I have wondered why eyesight deteriorates and why we can’t do something about it. Then…

During one of my runs at -32˚F with windchill my face mask got turned funny and my breath fogged my glasses beyond being able to see through them. Frozen fog does not disappear. I had no choice but to run on. I pushed my glasses down my nose and ran looking past them (despite it being blurry it was far better than the frozen fog lenses). That was the next chink in my glasses.

Then yesterday, in the midst of what I thought was an extremely rare three day tension headache, I realized the last time my head and eyes felt this way was when I had a job with a lot of eye strain.

I also stumbled on the work of Dr. WIlliam H. Bates, who created principles for exercises for the eyes to heal eyesight. I’ve yet to get the book, but online I saw the basic concept of removing my glasses letting my eyes work in the dark before sleeping (rather than turning off lights right before going to sleep), and resting my cheekbones in the palms of my hands.

I did these things. Within hours, my headache was gone.Under the slight light of the waining moon through the curtains, I realize in the middle of the night that I was seeing more clearly without corrective lenses than I had since I first got glasses when I was 10. I could see the outline of my wife next to me, with details of her face. Without having to lean over within inches. Wow.

This morning, have gone without wearing a hat to block direct light. No problems. I was able to be out with my children far longer, and it feels like 10 layers of overstimulation bombardment has been removed. That is stunning and I am only beginning to understand what the ramifications of it may be.

I went for a run without my glasses, into a low winter sun on a clear day with brilliant white snow reflecting everywhere. No problem. I simply consciously relaxed my eyes. For the first time, I could keep my head still and track things with my eyes. Just yesterday, it hurt to track things with my eye with my glasses on.

I’m typing this without my glasses on. I have to lean into the screen a bit, but not within 2 inches like in the past. I’m 6 inches away.

I can’t wait for the books to arrive so I can begin to do the specific exercises and heal my eyes even faster.

The world remains blurry and I clearly have some transition time to go through and I have no idea if I’ll get back to 20/20 vision or better or worse. But the lifting of the layers of bombardment has me thinking that even without any further improvement in vision, I would seriously consider going without glasses anyway! It really is THAT amazing.

Thank you, God, for this amazing gift! I look forward to unwrapping it further!

Anyone else try this?

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Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress