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Take Off Your Shoes and Exercise!

Go Barefoot or Minimalist

There is a two-fold issue here. First, is shoes. They change the way our body moves, affecting everything from our toes to our nose. Why? Two reasons: they raise the heel, which changes our natural gait and makes motion far less efficient; and they “protect” and “support” our feet, making them, our ankles, legs, back, etc weak, hypersensitive, and prone to needing more and more support.

Does this mean you shed your shoes and run off happily into the sunset? No. Please don’t. The transition to going barefoot or “minimalist” (shoes that offer no support and minimal protection), can take up to a year. You have muscles, tendons, cartilage, posture, and new ways of moving to grow and learn. The hardest part of the transition, taken slowly, takes up to 3 months. To learn more about HOW to make this transition see:

How will making the transition to barefoot/minimalist shoes benefit your brain? The more efficiently our whole body functions, the less energy our brain spends on making it do the every moment tasks. The difference may startle you, because part of how we can help our brain have more energy is to decrease the energy our brain have to spend.


Studies are starting to show that running actually grows new brain cells in mice. Emerging studies also indicate that exercise helps promote overall healing and health. I’ll take both of those!

My own experience tells me that there is truth to both those statements. I the more I am able to exercise, the better I feel. I have reached the point that when my brain is fatigued (but not too fatigued), going for a run rejuvenates my brain and I come back feeling better than I left.

Whatever you form of exercise, be sure to do it with doctor approval and with help as needed so you are as safe as possible.

Deacon Patrick’s Round the World Progress

Deacon Patrick's Round the World Progress