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No Sticks! Alleluia!


Last night I dreamed I ran without my sticks. This morning started off a “hard” brain day. I did a “recovery” run of two-tenths of a mile. When My wife returned from Mass, I asked her to watch me, as I was going to run without sticks and I’d have no way back of I couldn’t do it.

I ran 5k!

To put this in perspective, I have constant neurological vertigo. in 2003 the vestibular therapist told me he’d done all he could for me and the best thing for me was the hiking I kept insisting on doing (which he’d be extremely cautious about). In 2009, I discovered barefoot hiking, which led to barefoot running, which led to running with my simply carrying two light bamboo poles (instead of 4 pound bludgers) within a few months.

I’ve tried every now and again to run without the sticks. No doing. Today, on what looked like the least likely of days to go on a run let alone one that chucks the sticks — a miracle for the Feast of Christ the King!

Alleluia! May God startle you with joy!

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